PSK31 – A HF Digital Ham Radio Mode

Everett Palmer, KG6RYB
Ames Amateur Radio Club

August 18, 2005

This webpage was derived from the Powerpoint slides by Everett Palmer.



Design Goals for PSK31


PSK31 Features


The Varicode Alphabet

Table showing the Varicode Alphabet

The codes are transmitted left bit first, with “0” representing a phase reversal on BPSK and “1” representing a steady carrier. A minimum of two zeros is inserted between characters. Some implementations may not handle all the codes below 32.


PSK31 Signal

Illustration showing the BPSK waveform


What is required for a PSK31 station?

Illustration showing PSK radio to PC diagram



screen snapshot of DigiPan



screen snapshot of HamScope


Some Other Digital Modes


More Information on PSK31




QSO with N5EFS made during the demo (1/2)


QSO with N5EFS made during the demo (2/2)



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